FOOTWEAR: On the golf course, golf shoes only are to be worn. In the clubhouse, no spiked shoes, thongs or scuffs. Sneakers and dress sandals are acceptable if they are clean and neat. Bare or stockinged feet are not acceptable.

SHIRTS: Must be clean and neat, preferably with a collar or crew neck. No low-necked shirts, singlets or tank tops are to be worn. T shirts are not acceptable.

SHORTS: Only tailored walk shorts to be worn. All other types, short shorts, tennis, beach and football shorts are not acceptable, either on the course or in the clubhouse.

SKIRTS: Skirts may be worn, but must not be too short.

TROUSERS: Only smart casual types are to be worn. Tracksuit pants, and torn or faded denim are not acceptable.

Common sense and respect for the Club and all fellow members and guests is expected in maintaining a high standard of dress as well as behaviour.