Early in 1957, a group of local people came together at a meeting at the Orford Hall to discuss the viability of creating a nine hole golf course in Orford. The outcome from this meeting and subsequent get-togethers led to a decision to raise enough money from local people to purchase a property from Mrs M Raspin which was soon to be auctioned. The purchase price was £4,250.

The original contributors formed the Orford Golf Links Pty Ltd, which became the landowner, and all those who promised funds became shareholders of the company. The Orford Golf Club would develop the golf course.

The plans for a nine hole golf course were drawn up by Mr Len Nettlefold, and this formed the basis from which the course was developed. Some modifications led to the course being developed to be much like it still is today.

The inaugural official meeting of the Golf Club was held on November 16, 1957 at the Orford Hall. Orford Golf Links Pty Ltd appointed 4 members to the Club Committee, the other 3 Committee men were elected by the club members.

The Club was incorporated in 1973, and became the Orford Golf Club Inc.