(Ladies fixtures listed following the Men)
January 2019
26th (Australia Day) M & A 3person Ambrose
Sponsored by J Boag& Sons Brewing
10.30 SGS

February 2019
2nd Gala Day -Canadian Foursome M & A
10 for 10-30 SGS

9th Stoke Monthly Medal
Sponsored by the Tubbies
Captains Trophy (Eclectic 3rd Round)

16th 2 Person Ambrose M & A -10-30 SGS
Sponsored by Statewide Independent Wholesalers

23rd Stableford M & a 10 For 10-30 SGS
Sponsored by Bendigo Bank

AGM 9.00AM

March 2019
2nd -Stroke -Monthly Medal
Sponsored by The Tubbies
Captains Trophy (Eclectic 4th Round)

9th- Stableford
Sponsored by Triabunna Roadhouse

16th- Irish Stableford (team of Three)

23rd -FOBS at Freycinet -9.30-10.00am
Stableford at Orford

30th -Stableford

April 2019
6th -Stroke Monthly Medal

sponsored by The Tubbies
Captains Trophy (Eclectic-5th Round )

13th 4BBB - Stableford

20th- Easter Tournament-Stroke
(John Brougham Memorial Trophy)
Members & Lady Members

21st -Easter Tournament -2 Person Ambrose
members & Lady Members
SGS 10.00am

27th- Fobs at Bicheno 9.00fo 9.30am
Stablford at Orford

May 2019
4th -Stroke Monthly Medal
sponsored by The Tubbies

Captains Trophy (Eclectic-6th Round )

11th -4B Aggregate Stableford
sponsored by Triabunna Gourmet Meats

18th- 2 Person Ambrose M&A
Sponsored by Orford IGA Everyday

25th- Stableford M & A
Sponsored by Drummonds Golf
SGS 10.30

June 2019
1st-Stroke Monthly Medal
sponsored by The Tubbies
Captains Trophy (Eclectic-7th Round )

8th -Stableford

15th- Pinehurst


29th - 4B Aggregate

July 2019
6th Monthly Medal
sponsored by The Tubbies
Captains Trophy (Eclectic-8th Round )

13th- Stableford

20th Double Canandian

27th- Stableford

August 2019
3rd-Stroke -Monthly Medal
sponsored by The Tubbies
Captains Trophy (Eclectic-9th Round )

10th- Stableford

17th-4BBB Stableford

31st - Stableford

September 2019
7th - Monthly Medal
sponsored by The Tubbies
Captains Trophy (Eclectic-10th Round)

14th-Foursome Championship
1st 18 Holes

15th-Foursome Championship
2nd 18 Holes

21st Fobs -Swansea
9.00 for 9.30 am
Stableford at Orford

28th-3 Person Ambrose
Grand Final Day
Sponsored by Mat Pedler

October 2019
5th-Monthly Medal
sponsored by The Tubbies
Captains Trophy (Eclectic-11th Round)

Sponsored by Bennetts Peroleum

19th -Mixed Foursome Championships
27 Holes

26th Pinehurst

November 2019
2nd-1st Round Club championships
ABC & Vets
Final Monthly Medal
sponsored by The Tubbies
Captains Trophy (Final Eclectic Round )

3rd-2nd 18 Holes Club Championships
ABC & Vets

9th -3rd 18 Holes Club Championships
ABC & Vets

10th-Final 18 Holes Club Championships
ABC & Vets
16th -Stableford

23rd - Fobs Orford

30th Stableford

December 2019
7th - Stroke Monthly Medal - 1st Round,Plus (2019 Gold Medal playoff)
Captains Trophy -(Eclectic -1st Round)

14th 4BBB Stableford

21st - 2 Person Ambrose
Captain's Vs Presidents Team

Have a Safe and Happy Christmas and New Year

28th - Stableford
Orford Vs Triabunna
M & A


January 2019

26th- Sat Australia Day -M&A 3 Person Ambrose 10-30 SGS

February 2019

2nd-Sat Gala Day Canadian Foursome M&A 10.30 SGS

7th- Stableford Commence Consistency,Birdie, Ecletic,Chip -in

14th-Stableford 1st Round M.E.Pedler Trophy

16th Sat M&A 2 Person Ambrose 10.30 SGS

21st Stroke-1st Round Captains Trophy,Monthly Medal,Best Gross

23rd Sat AGM Orford Golf Club 9.00am

25th Mon Pennant Commences -at Pittwater

28th Open Summer Cup Stroke- 9.30am

March 2019

4th Mon Pennant -at TeeTree

7th Stableford

14th- Stroke Qualifying Round Rita Cumming Trophy 1st Round International Bowl

18th -Mon Pennant at Orford vs Llanherne

21st Stroke-1st Round of WGT Silver spoon, Monthly Medal

23rd- Sat FOBS -Freycinet

28th- Foursome Qualifying Round Barclay Shield

April 2019

1st- Mon Pennant Orford Bye

4th- Officials Day -Canadian Foursome Stableford 9.30 SGS

8th - Mon Pennant at Orford vs New Town Bay

11th- Stroke -2nd Round WGT Silver Spoon, Monthly Medal,Best Gross

15th-Mon Pennant Orford Bye

17th- Wed Easter Game TBA 9.30 SGS

20th-Sat Easter Tournament -Stroke (John Brougham Memorial Trophy)

21st- Sun Easter Tournament -2 Person Ambrose M&A 10.00 SGS

25th Anzac Day No Competition

27th- FOBS - Bicheno

29th-Mon Pennant -at New Town Bay

May 2019

2nd- Stroke 2nd Round Captain's Trophy

5th -10th County Week

9th- Stableford

13th- Mon Pennant at Orford vs TeaTree

16th- Stroke -3rd Round WGT, Silver Spoon, Monthly Medal,2nd Round International Bowl

20th-Mon Pennant at Llanherne

25th- Sat Stableford M&A 10.30 SGS

30th- TBA

June 2019

2nd-Sun 3rd-Mon State Pennant Final at Claremont

6th- Stroke 4th Round WGT, Silver Spoon,Monthly Meda;,Best Gross

13th- Stableford - American Foursome

20th-Stroke-3rd Round International Bowl

July 2019

4th - Foursome Qualifying Round Belmont Cup

11th-Stableford -2nd Round M.E. Pedler Trophy

18th- Stroke Monthly Medal

25th - TBA

August 2019

1st-Stroke -Monthly Medal,Best Gross,Play off WGT Silver Spoon

8th- Stableford

15th- Open Charity Day (TBA) 9.30 SGS

22nd-Stableford -Foursome



4th-Foursome Championship(1st Round)

5th Wed Foursome Championship ( Final Round )

12th-Monthly Medal, 3rd Round Captains Trophy

19th- Stableford -Qualifying Round Bronze Stableford (25+Handicap)

21st Sat FOBS at Swansea
23rd Mon Barclay Shield Play off at North West Bay
26th- TBA

October 2019

1st Tue - Scamander /Orford Challenge at Scamander

3rd- Stableford -3rd Round M.E. Pedler Trophy

10th- 2 Person Ambrose ( Invite a Friend )9.30 SGS (TBC)

17th - Stroke Monthly Medal;Best Gross

19th - Sat Mixed Foursome Championships
27 Holes

24th Show Day M&A Foursome 9.30 SGS

28th- Mon Silver Spoon Play off (State Huon Valley)

29th Tues 1st Round of Club Championship

31st- 2nd Round of Club Championship 1st Round of Veterans Championship,1st Round of H.E.Brown Memorial Trophy

November 2019

6th- Wed 3rd Round of Club Championship

7th- 4th Round of Club Championship 2nd Round of Veterans Championship,2nd Round of H.E.Brown Memorial Trophy

11th- Mon Bronze Stableford Play off (State- Tasmania Golf Club )

14th- Stroke Final Play off for Monthly Medal;Consistency;Birdie,Eclectic and Chip-in Competition

21st- TBA

23rd-Sat FOBS- at Orford

28th- AGM 10.00am Followed by 9 Hole Stableford

December 2019

5th- Christmas Party -9 Hole 2 Person Ambrose 10.00 SGS

6th Fri WGTSC Christmas Medley Competition at Richmond

Open Charity Day -Canadian Foursome or Stableford (strings,Undo me; Me too)
TBA - Spare day for Cancelled days or suggested comps eg Flag ;Par etc

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year