Role of the Treasurer

The Treasurer is responsible to the board/committee for supervision and control of all income and expenditure of the club, for overseeing the financial operation and for safeguarding the club's assets.

Responsibilities include:


To ensure that the accounting and other records are adequately maintained to comply with statutory requirements and club needs.


To ensure that a financial strategy policy is established, approved by the board/committee and adhered to.

Capital Expenditure Practices

To ensure that capital expenditure is authorised in accordance with budget and policy.


To ensure that financial budgets are prepared and approved by the board/committee, on an annual and long term basis, to meet the club's governance and planning needs.


To ensure that monthly reporting is promptly and accurately performed, to enable the board/committee to assess the performance of the club, and to take any corrective action;

Report the club's financial position to members at the AGM;

To ensure that a suitable accounting system is in place that is adequate for the club's

In conjunction with the club's auditors, ensure that the annual financial statements
are prepared to satisfy the club's statutory reporting requirements.


To ensure that the club's operating and capital requirements are adequately provided for, whilst maintaining a medium to long-term view on cash reserves and future capital requirements;

To ensure that any excess funds are invested efficiently, in accordance with the club's investment guidelines.


To ensure all club assets are properly recorded and adequately secured.

Risk Management

To ensure that all club assets and risks are adequately assessed and insured as necessary.

Fees and Charges

To recommend to the board/committee, rates for entrances fees (if applicable), subscriptions, green fees, competition fees and other annual charges;

To monitor the pricing, purchasing and profit returns from bar and catering activities.

To oversee that adequate internal controls exist to ensure that income and expenditure is properly recorded and controlled.


To ensure that all statutory records are properly maintained, and all employees (if applicable) are adequately remunerated in accordance with statutory requirements and common practice;

To ensure that the club meets all superannuation requirements.


To oversee that all taxes are promptly remitted, in accordance with legislative requirements and timetables.


To ensure that the independent audit process is conducted. A meeting with the auditor prior to annual audit is advisable.

Key Skills

Financial background and ability to interpret financial reports and records;

Awareness of accounting procedures and policies;

Able to work in a logical and orderly manner;

Attention to detail.