Role of the Secretary

The Secretary is responsible to the board/committee to maintain records of board/committee and ensure effective management of the club's records.This is an administration role often filled in the absence of an employed General Manager of Secretary Manager.

Responsibilities include:

  • Managing minutes of committee meetings, including either recording the Minutes or ensuring the Minutes Secretary does so, and ensuring minutes are distributed to committee members within seven days of meeting
  • Development of the agenda in consultation with Chairmen and distribution a week prior, or at least two days prior to the meeting
  • Accurate and sufficient documentation to meet legal requirements ? authorise assistance in the areas of
  • Ensuring a signing a copy of the final approved Minutes and safe keeping of minutes
  • Maintain the records of the Club as required by law and made available when required by authorised persons. These records may include founding documents, lists of Committee members, committee meeting Minutes, financial reports, and other official reports, elections, referenda, other votes, etc.
  • Provide an up-to-date copy of the Constitution and bylaws at all meetings
  • Ensure that proper notification is given of committee and club meetings as specified in the bylaws
  • Manage the general correspondence of the committee except for such correspondence assigned to others
  • Assisting the committee in providing systematic communication from the Committee to Club members and other relevant stakeholders
  • The Secretary may also be the nominated person to receive and file relevant Police Check records or Working with Children documentation.