Local Rules for CoVid 19

(Effective from 22/05/20)

Preferred Lies:
Preferred lies on fairways 1,2,8 & 9 only. All other fairways the ball is to be played as it lies.

A ball coming to rest in any bunker maybe placed at the nearest point of relief without penalty in the bunker .
A ball dropped out of any bunker will incur a 2-stroke penalty.

Out of Bounds:
Any ball that finishes out of bounds from the Tee can be replayed from the Tee with a 1-stroke penalty.
A ball that is out of bounds and played from the edge of the fairway will incur a 2-stroke penalty.

Any ball coming to rest in any designated GUR area maybe dropped no nearer the hole without penalty.

Scorecards are to be marked by the player and must show the Players name and the Markers name.
Both scores (players & markers) are to be recorded on each scorecard and checked at the completion of the round.
Only the player's signature will appear on the scorecard and the markers nameshould be shown in the markers signature area

Flagsticks are not to be removed from the holes under any circumstances.Sand Buckets:All players are required to carry a sand bucket to repair all divots (fairways & rough).

Plug Marks:
Players are requested to repair any plug marks on all greens (yours as well as others).

Club Carts:
A maximum of 1 person per cart rule applies until further notice.
All carts are to be cleaned and sanitised at completion of the round. This rule also applies to privately owned carts as well.

Social Distancing:
The Club always expects all players (Members & Visitors) to maintain Social distancing regulation.

Match & Greens Committee