18th May 2020


A Summary for Orford Golf Members

Playing golf;
  • Golf competitions are allowed,
  • Players can play in groups of up to four people,
  • Players must pre-register for the competition,
  • Cards are to be pre-printed,
  • Players arrive 10 minutes before, and leave straight after the game,
  • Cards will be entered into the system and the competition finalised by one person,
  • Rules remain regarding leaving in flags and not raking bunkers,
  • Social distancing to be adhered to so players must keep 1.5 metres apart,
  • Only one person is allowed in a cart and carts are only to be used once per day,
  • Golf Australia recommends that players in competitions be only from the home club.
What the new rules mean for the clubhouse,
  • Hand sanitiser is provided in the clubhouse and toilet/ change rooms,
  • 10 people can be served in the clubhouse with table service only, so this means lunches and drinks could be ordered and served to the players table,
  • Diners to be 1.5 metres apart,
  • Drinks after the game do not fit into this guidance.