The Orford Golf Club is pleased to welcome new members.

Our membership year is January 1 to December 31.

There is only ONE full golfing membership class for all players.
Men and lady members have full playing rights every day and may attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting in February each year.

Membership rates (include Golf Australia and Golf Tasmania dues, GolfLink and insurance costs) for a full year.

Membership fees are:

  • Full Membership $480.00,
  • Secondary Membership* $250.00,
  • Juniors and students $50, and
  • Social Members $22.00.

Members who join after March each year are given a pro-rata rate for that year.
Please contact the Club for pro-rata rates.

* Conditions of secondary membership

  • Secondary members must be full financial members of another golf club at which annual fees are at least equivalent to those of Orford Golf Club.
  • Secondary membership extends from 1st August to 31 May each year.
  • Secondary members are not entitled to vote at any General Meeting of the Club and are not eligible to win Club Championship events


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