HI all, hope everyone has played some good golf over the summer months..


It has made for some interesting games with the introduction of the mats. With the arrival of a little rain we can now see the course starting to green up. Mats are still required on the 1st, 2nd, 7th, 8th and 9th but hopefully not for much longer.

We now have structured sponsorship proposal packages. These are:

Sponsor a day and sign on shed $750;

Sign on hole and sponsor day $500;

Sign on shed only $500:

Sign on hole only $250

Sponsor day only $300

Sponsor Shane Paynter Sunday fun day $150 or supply your own prizes.

;What we would like is for members to consider seriously taking up one of these packages, with the loss of Tassal we are urgently needing funds to assist our club financially. Would everyone give this some thought and then see a committee member. Many thanks from the committee in advance.

With the election on the Liberal Party, Rene Hidding has been in touch to confirm their offer of giving us $16,490 toward Solar power. This firstly has to go to Budget which will be May/June but he assured me that this is just a formality. We should have our cheque in July. He has asked that we provide a quote. On my return from holidays at end of school holidays I will set this in place. We intend to get two or three quotes, to try and the get the best possible price. We currently receive two power bills each quarter, both for the club house and Crossies Shed, these amount to approx. $1,000 each so that gives us a power bill in excess of $8,000 per year. As you can see Solar will be great savings.

The committee has also decided to repair our car park, we received a quote for this repair work of $4,900, it badly needs doing so will take place over the next month or so.


Our next Shane Paynter Sunday golf day is Sunday 29th April sponsored by the club. Again only $10 for 9 holes and lunch or $10 for lunch only. The May Sunday will be sponsored by Chris and Tom Bishop which we give many thanks for so please consider a Sunday second half of the year.

To all those going on holiday over winter months have a great time and see everyone in Spring.

May your putts be long and accurate.

Cheers Committee Orford Golf Club